DEMOCRATIC PARTY SUES TRUMP CAMPAIGN, RUSSIA & WIKILEAKS The multi-million-dollar lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court says that "In the Trump campaign, Russia found a willing and active partner in this effort" to mount "a brazen attack on American Democracy."
SOME HAVE IMPEACHMENT THRUST UPON THEM If rioters are being acquitted, murderers run free and cases against rapists are being withdrawn without reason, then its really doubtful that the CJI will get impeached. But to go down as the first Chief Justice of India against whom impeachment was set in motion, is quite remarkable an achievement that will ensure Dipak Misra a page in the history book.
NO-ONE DID NOTHING, INDIAN MUSLIMS RIOTED THEMSELVES DEAD During her sting operation Rana Ayyub had met Maya Kodnani in the guise of Maithili Tyagi and later published the details in her book- Gujarat Files. This meeting with Maya Kodnani was published in Chapter 10 of the book. In this meeting Kodnani tries to convey it clearly that on that day she was with Amit Shah. In a way, she tries to establish that if she is held responsible for the Naroda Patiya riots then Amit Shah too can not be acquitted.
NIA JUDGE RESIGNATION REJECTED, ASSEMANAND TO CAMPAIGN IN BENGAL FOR BJP "People call NIA a caged parrot, but I will say that it is blind and deaf also."
WHICH FOUR JUDGES TO BELIEVE? In the last five months, The Caravan has published nearly two dozen reports, many of which have pointed to inconsistencies in the official record of Loya’s death. This includes the conclusions made by the doctors involved in the case, statements from the judge’s family that he had been under pressure to deliver a “favorable judgment” in the Sohrabuddin case and threats to those asking questions about the Loya case.
BRAVE PILOT SAVES MANY BUT ONE IN MID AIR ENGINE FAILURE Tammie Shults was piloting the twin-engine Boeing 737 when, at 32,000 feet, shrapnel from the engine smashed a window. She took the plane into a rapid descent, making a safe emergency landing. 
BCCI MAY FALL UNDER RTI ACT The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the world's richest cricket body, operates as a private entity under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act.
JAY SHAHs COUNSEL SAYS OPEN TO SETTLEMENT WITH THE WIRE In 3 years, 11 defamation cases (5 criminal) seeking damages worth Rs 440 cr. have been filed against them – six from Adani, two from Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah, two from Rajeev Chandrashekhar, one from Subhash Chandra of ZeeTV (now withdrawn).
ON AKSHAYA TRITIYA A DIFFERENT MAHABHARAT WAS SCRIPTED ON THE INTERNET The Tripura Governor came out with one tweet blazing defense of the Tripura Chief Minister who while talking at a regional workshop on Public Distribution System in Agartala, said the Internet was invented "lakhs of years ago" and that the technology and satellites were present during the period of Mahabharata.
MACRONs CALL TO EU AGAINST ILLEBRAL DEMOCRACIES “I am for the most integrated and closest possible relationship after Brexit, and there’s a well-known solution – it’s called EU membership,” he said.