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‘The halwa set foot on Indian soil, most likely on the Malabar Coast, when the Arab seafaring traders anchored their ships here. The Habshi Halwa has an Abyssinian connection. It has spread its branches in all directions. From kesari and badam halwa in southern India to Karachi halwa, also known as Bombay halwa in Mumbai to lockjaws such as Sohan halwa in Delhi to Gajar ka in Punjab, Seb ka in Jammu and Kashmir to the Dal ka halwa in the Hindi Heartland, the variations are countless. The more exotic recipes are the Khus Khus ka (poppy seeds) halwa, Ande ka halwa and yes, Gosht ka halwa. The upma bears testimony to the fact that not all halwas need to be sweet!’


When nations start becoming insular, we leave ‘little time to accomplish anything truly remarkable at the international level’.The same holds true for Bharat.







“The way MBS has consolidated power in less than three years in a country that’s run on patronage, tribal loyalty, tradition and royal consensus is unprecedented. No Crown Prince in years, if not decades, has enjoyed the kind of authority he now wields. But the repeated purges indicate not only MBS’s growing clout but also turbulent politics within the palace. The kind of instability Saudi Arabia sees now where even a powerful former Crown Prince is not seen in public for months and the chief of the National Guards is put under arrest is uncharted terrain.”


Is Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) ‘a risk taking reformer’? Pattern says otherwise.





“Where does a text end and analysis begin? The ubiquity of hyperlinks means that we no longer read a single, linear text, but jump from one signifying set (of texts) to another as our fancy takes us. The text is now, willy-nilly, a palimpsest, a hyper-text, with no definite, or even necessary, boundary. And where then does that leave the textual scholar/interpreter and/or the teacher in the classroom?”


In the age of ever expanding universe of text, ‘Literary’ is going through an existential crisis.






“ ‘What we’re talking about is very young children, effectively from birth, being deliberately targeted with content which will traumatize and disturb them, via networks which are extremely vulnerable to exactly this form of abuse. It’s not about trolls, but about a kind of violence inherent in the combination of digital systems and capitalist incentives. It’s down to that level of the metal. This, I think, is my point: The system is complicit in the abuse.’ “


Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, et al; algorithms have had a free reign in the society, about time humans take control.


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