KITAABCHI OF THE MONTH | July Our Kitaabchis of the Month of July is Dr. Nishat Zaidi, the Head of the Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia. She focuses on Indian Literature and Culture and translates from Urdu and Hindi into English.
KITAABCHIS OF THE MONTH OF JUNE Our Kitaabchis of the Month of June are the co-editors and co-founders of The Curious Reader, Devanshi Jain & Nirbhay Kanoria. We asked them our 15 questions, here are the answers:
KITAABCHI OF THE MONTH – MAY "There is a novel by Mamang Dai, Stupid Cupid, which I think is an important work. It features independent, educated, empowered, city-dwelling Adivasi women. But Mamang Dai is known more for the books, The Black Hill (for which she won the Sahitya Akademi Puraskar) and The Legends of Pensam, and, in between these two books, Stupid Cupid seems to be lost somewhere."
APRILs KITAABCHI OF THE MONTH It was a collection of Russian folk tales. My dad purchased it at a book fair in Quilon (now Kollam in Kerala) where we were staying then. This was the early '80s, and Russia was part of 'Soviet Union' then; their propaganda machine pumped in lots of Russian books into communist-friendly states such as Kerala. These Russian books in English were often the cheapest English books to buy. I would pay Rs 10,000, no even 20,000 to buy that book today.