MINISTRY OF FAT SHAMING If laughing is a way to lose weight, then the Ministry of Health promulgating a rich and vegetarian diet with avocados and berries, then a lot of people on Social Media may have shed a few pounds, and ministry of health its objectivity. 



The Tweet That Fat Shamed

The Tweet That Fat Shamed


On April 22, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare shared a stock photograph that seemed to indicate that a vegetarian diet is a ‘healthier’ diet. It contained caricatures of two women, one curvy, and the other slim.

One is visibly larger and contains meat, eggs, bread, burgers, beer, doughnuts, fries and fizzy drinks. The other is lean and contains exotic fruits and vegetables that are deemed available and affordable for the typical Indian woman, like avocados and raspberries.

Eggs are still officially part of the mid-day meal in some government schools, but has been substituted with banana in some state schemes so as not to hurt the “religious sensitivities” of vegetarian students.



Some of what people were saying is below: