A NOT SO SHORT HISTORY OF FASCISM & REVOLUTION IN WORLD FOOTBALL Real Madrid’s Captain, Sergio Ramos will not go down well in history as his image follows in league with his football master Franco's. History of football is political and revolution and resistance are at the core of it. At a time when migration issues confound Europe and Spain has Catalan waiting to secede from it, it is no surprise that the history of Spain and history of Franco's club Real Madrid are intertwined.
THE MONTH OF MARCH From the days of the Roman republic that killed Ceasar on the ides of the March, to now when several republics are almost living under an age of Stalinism: a police state of paranoia, cruelty, murder, and kitsch, will the long march of democracy survive this latest assault?
The Auditorial TOP STORIES: AIR broadcasting Mahatma Gandhi’s maiden AIR speech post partition communal riots & Padma awards for ‘unsung heroes’. From Tharoor Pistol misfire to Fire in South Korean Hospital kills 31. ALSO; Two minutes to Midnight called Doomsday New Dating technique pushes back the era of Origin of Species. AND: The frown queen of Internet, Grump cat made $700,000 this week. This and more in today’s edition of the #Auditorial