JAY SHAHs COUNSEL SAYS OPEN TO SETTLEMENT WITH THE WIRE In 3 years, 11 defamation cases (5 criminal) seeking damages worth Rs 440 cr. have been filed against them – six from Adani, two from Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah, two from Rajeev Chandrashekhar, one from Subhash Chandra of ZeeTV (now withdrawn).
MORNING NEWS AUDITORIAL PM Modi talks with Trump before he leaves for Palestine to return in time for kids exams. FROM Paper balls, paper planes & balloons being hurled at UP Governor TO ‘FISH MARKET’ creating a stink for Supreme Court judge. ALSO; ‘Joota Chupai’ leads to death in UP No Russia, but Russian athletes are taking over Winter Olympics and the Candians aren’t happy. AND; Scotland Police gets stuffed by a Tiger. #Bizarre