“It will be appropriate if the court calls the woman and speaks to her” Kapil Sibal for Shafin Jahan in the ” Love Jihad” case "Have you ever heard about the Blue whale challenge ? Such things can make people do anything." Justice Khehar to Sibal on requesting the bench to interview the girl (in parents custody) to verify if she had been radicalised.
The struggle is real! School Headmaster ignores Government directive to let RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat hoist the flag in Kerala.
With 72 children dead, Yogi govt plans an exuberant celebration for Lord Krishnas birth” " We came to know from hospital authorities that they had told the chief minister about the problem and he had looked questioningly at Tandon. After that, Adityanath apparently stayed silent."
“Overall, the very fact that Indianness of any citizen being questioned is a disturbing thought” "This house is the creation of the Constitution and reflective of the wisdom and foresight of the founding fathers who wished it be a calibrated restraint on hast legislation"
“SANKALP SE SIDDHI” The battle of owning Quit India movement begins and ends in Rajya Sabha. PM asserts " karenge aur kar ke rahenge"
“I AM NOT AFRAID” Varnika Kundu , a Chandigarh based DJ bullied & stalked by Haryana BJP Chiefs son asks for justice as cops play flip flop & CCTV footage disappears & then resurfaces